Thursday, July 12, 2007

Breaking news - police called in Sedgefield

From an eye-witness account just passed on to me.......

The Anti-Crime candidate in Sedgefield, Norman Scarth, has had a bit of a problem with the police today outside Tesco in Newton Aycliffe. Innocently handing out leaflets on private property, without permission of the owners and refusing to move on when asked to do so, very law-abiding Norman found himself surrounded by an entire police unit, presumably called by the local retail management. But Big Norm, who styles himself as an unkempt Captain Birdseye, refused to be moved on by the forces of law and order. (See his website for further photos of Big Norm -

"Eeeeh it was terrible," said Paul from Durham Road South. "All he was trying to do was force leaflets into people's hands who didn't want them and get in the way of people going about their legitimate activity of spending cash at Tescos (every little helps etc)."

By the time Paul re-emerged from Tescos, clutching a bag of apples and a sandwich, Big Norm was nowhere to be seen.

It is thought that as a result of this intervention, there were insufficient police to deal with gangs of Labour hooligans attempting to break up Lib Dem gatherings...........

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George Dutton said...

The tory candidate would have had no problem at Tesco. Tesco`s are one of the tories big backers. Remember the Lady Porter (heiress to the Tesco fortune) using council funds to rig votes, which led to the corruption scandal in the 1990 elections in Westminster, I have tried to stay well clear of Tesco`s ever since.

Did she ever pay the fine and reimburse in full Westminster council?, I think not, you can get away with anything if you are rich and/or powerful enough in the UK even murder and torture. If you don`t believe me ask Tony Blair.