Sunday, July 08, 2007

Trimdon residents disgusted with Labour - read their comments here

Whilst surfing the internet this afternoon, I discovered a site called Trimdon Times. It is for residents of Trimdon or for those who have lived there but have moved away. It contains local news and information but also has a forum that allows people to set up discussions on anything they want to. One of them has set up a discussion about Labour's jackboot tactics they employed to try to break up our Sedgefield campaign launch on Friday on Trimdon Green. The discussion was started with a link to my video.

And here are some of the comments Trimdonians have posted up:

The Labour supporters certainly didn't do themselves any favours. I'd say the Labour Party are running scared, and paid hand picked supporters with a few pints at the Labour Club, to create a disturbance.

What a disgrace!!! I'm ashamed to say I come from there!! I dont reconise anyone as I have been away from Trimdon too long to know them, but you can see some of them are also football hooligans.

I sincerely hope that John Burton and his merry band have seen this,lets hope this has no reflection on the genuine Trimdon folk. I only noticed one face,think you call her Lynn as to her second name,i dont really care ,think she comes from spennymoor . Shades of the National Front????????i hope they are proud of themselves! With my head bowed in shame.

Is this the sort of thing local Labour Party contributions are used for? They've spent the last ten years ensuring that democracy did not rule, and are now desperately trying to ensure that it doesn't make a comeback!

What a shambles!! I recognised a few of the faces, never far from trouble on a saturday night types! That shows the Labour Party are really rattled then!

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George Dutton said...

I don`t understand why the Lib Dems are so surprised at New Labours tactics. The Nazies went in for this sort of behaviour, they also invaded sovereign countries to steal and murder the innocent inhabitants. They also like New Labour persecuted the disabled, demonised ethnic groups and kept people in detention without charge.

Lets be honest here Jonathan no one is really surprised at what New Labour get upto.