Sunday, July 08, 2007

Labour's Sedgefield candidate against gangs and thugs - really?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one really takes the biscuit for unadulterated self-righteous hypocrisy.

After allowing a bunch of Labour thugs to attempt to break up with physical force the Liberal Democrats' Sedgefield campaign launch, Labour's candidate Phil Wilson made this comment:

"It amazes me that the Lib Dems are on the side (sic) of gangs....they should see the damage done by small groups of thugs. I am on the side of the law abiding majority and always will be and I think it is important that people know that the Lib Dems would back (sic) criminals over local people."

Let's hope this sanctimonius hypocrite has seen my video.

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George Dutton said...

The similarities to the Nazi party and New Labour are amazing. They used to call their arm of the party that they sent out to do all this "The brown jackets" (aptly named).