Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Avoid The Cambridge

I got back to the flat tonight at about 8.30pm. After sorting out a few boxes of m(erial that needs to go up to my house in Gateshead tomorrow, we decided to go out for a meal (there was no food in the flat). On expedition to Pizza Express later (in Crystal Palacea) and we decided to call into a pub called the Cambridge. Smoking bans don't exist here. The woman serving at the bar smokes openly and she allows some of the customers to do the same. I'm not sure we'll be coming back ere in a hurry.

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Tristan said...

Fair enough, its your choice.
Of course, if we had a sensible law then they'd be allowed to smoke, so long as it was clear to people going in. Such liberal ideas however don't sit naturally with governments or the 'health professionals' who wish to tell us how to live our lives (all for our own good naturally).

Full power to them for exercising their rights over their property, even if the government has decided to intervene. Full power to you for making the decision not to go in there again. Vote with your wallet :)

Jonathan Wallace said...

What about the other bar staff who are not smokers? What about their liberty in the face of being forced to breathe someone else's smoke? They don't have a choice. No one is taking away the right to smoke. I would not accept such an attack on an established right. Smokers can smoke in their homes and in the great outdoors. The protection of the right to clean air from those who wish to engage in an activity which is perfectly legal to carry out elsewhere is a perfectly liberal thing to do. Liberty is not about the state never intervening. Liberty sometimes has to be protected by the state intervening.

George Dutton said...


I agree with you.


"bar staff who are not smokers"

They have a choice not to work there.

Would you work in an arms factory?
Would you work in an abattoir?

We all make our own choices Jonathan it`s called Liberty, Freedom.

As Tristan said...

"exercising their rights over their property" and your right to "Full power to you for making the decision not to go in there again. Vote with your wallet"