Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Storm clouds gather over Trimdon Labour Club

I could not resist taking this picture of the storm clouds gathering over the Trimdon Labour Club, sometimes frequented by Tony Blair on his rare visits to Sedgefield and used by him as a film set for some of his announements to the world. The area suffered an incredible storm this afternoon and the downpour was of tropical rainforest dimensions! I should know, Dave Hennigan (the press officer for the Lib Dem campaign in Sedgefield), Richard Pinnock (from the literature team) and I got caught in it! We were absolutely drenched.

So were the gathering stormclouds over Trimdon an omen of what is to come for Labour (or possibly the Tories?) Or was it just a symptom of global climate change!?

By 5pm however, the sun was back out. I abandoned my dripping jacket in the office and went canvassing with Greg and Alisdair Carmichael MP. As the pic shows, it was sunny by then.

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