Monday, July 09, 2007

Suits you

I should have switched on the blackberry before leaving home yesterday morning. Instead, I switched it on when I got on the train at Newcastle to go to Darlington and then on to Sedgefield. Big mistake! I should have checked earlier. There was a message from Ruth Milburn, Lib Dem agent for Sedgefield, telling me to wear a suit, shirt and tie as I was accompanying Greg Stone around the constituency. Unfortunately, I was clad in an old pair of jeans and a not so formal shirt.

So, on arrival at our HQ, I made a dash for the local Tesco store (one of those typically gigantic sheds that probably started life as a Zepplin hangar) and found suits at a snip - just £25. I proudly returned to the HQ with my new polyester clothing. We had all decided that my shirt could just about be described as appropriate to go with a suit. The shoes however were beach wear I bought last year to go to Cuba. So not exactly an example of all round sartorial elegance!

Still, everyone in HQ decided I needed to write a blog entry about my clothing experience. I think they must really have it in for me!

I then discovered that wearing a black polyester suit in bright sunny weather makes for a somewhat uncomfortable experience. Tuesday will see me wearing one of my ordinary work suits instead!

Thanks to the press team for taking this photo (on my camera!).

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