Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A casework surge

I seem to have experienced a surge in casework from constituents recently so I sat in the office until 8.30 this evening writing emails to officers and residents on a variety of issues from overflowing drains to parking problems. I was planning to write a residents' survey which I will be delivering to constituents this weekend but it will have to wait til later in the week, as will the next Focus as well. Fortunately I already have an existing survey which can be adapted. And I will also need to write my next email newsletter to constituents soon as well.

Anyway, enough whinging from me.

By the way, welcome to all the Journal readers now visiting this blog. Our regional newspaper in the North East, The Journal, has set up what is effectively a blog aggregator and my blog is one of about 10 or so from across the region which is featured. I am listed as commenting on politics! Don't believe that! Those who know my blog know I comment on more than just politics and I tend to fill blog posts with a variety of issues including travel, my mad hobby of making foods using wild ingredients, and the state of my allotment (which is very wet at the moment!) So happy reading.

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