Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Labour hit the panic button in Sedgefield

Labour have hit the panic button here in Sedgefield today with a scurrilous attack on Greg Stone. They have produced a leaflet which looks like a Lib Dem newsletter. The only hint it is from the Labour party is the 5 point imprint. I watched a Labour hack delivering it this morning. He stopped trying to steal a Lib Dem leaflet from a letter box when he noticed I was watching him. The leaflet went to selected doors only.

Labour's latest sanctimonious rubbish claims "police bosses" have demanded Lib Dems stop making claims that police figures here have been cut (the numbers have been cut as the annual reports of the police authority show!) The "police boss" is actually a Labour hack and councillor.

Then there is the usual Labour attacks and typical misrepresentations including claims we are soft on terrorism. Well, there we have it, the Labour party now making party politics out of terrorism.

Then there are a few offensive comments about Greg. Frankly, I don't think the voter is taken in by this garbage. But clearly Labour are rattled. Something must be making them worried and given the near absence of Labour attacks on the Tories, it is clearly not the Cameroonies who are rattling their cage.

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Jason said...

I got the leaflet from Labour and personally thought it was a bit tame compared to the guff from u lot- so tell me- who did the poll on the leaflet you delivered to my house that showed u only a "handful of votes" behind? Did your vote collapse on the last day then?

And where did u get the claim that the number of police officers will be "cut by 100?"