Friday, July 20, 2007

A politics free weekend

After the Sedgefield count last night we went back to the HQ to await the result from Ealing. I then drove home, getting back at 3.30am and went straight to bed. I woke up at midday.

This is to be a politics free weekend. We are on the road now to Cambridge where we will stay at David's mother's house. Politics is being shelved for the weekend. I suspect I will use a bit of time this weekend to catch up with lost sleep.

Before leaving I did manage to squeeze in a visit to a couple of constituents and then to the allotment. (Something has been eating our cauliflowers!) Mother will look after the house and the cat in our absence.

Having written today's blogs, I am now going to sleep. Wake me up in Cambridge!

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George Dutton said...

Came across two on-line TV stations...

Go left TV...
(I wonder how long they will let this station go on for?)

Press TV
You will find facts you won`t get from the BBC (Blair Brown Corporation).

Scroll down and click `Watch live`

George Dutton said...

Found another on-line TV station...

The real news network