Friday, July 06, 2007

Labour mob attacks Lib Dem launch in Sedgefield

Labour launched a mob attack on the Lib Dem Sedgefield campaign launch this afternoon. This is not uncommon in election campaigns as Labour appear to have a one party state mentality in which opposition is regarded as insurrection and insubordination and needs to be driven away. The scene I witnessed today however was far worse than I have seen in other campaigns.
This was a disgusting and sickening attack on the fundamental basics of open democracy. This was an attack on freedom of speech. This was thuggish bullying you would expect in a one party state.

The clear Labour aim is to make it impossible for the media to film the event. It is also designed to make it impossible for the media to carry out interviews with the Lib Dem candidate and visiting MP. The Labour mob simply invades with stakeboards and barge infront of tv cameras, pushing Lib Dems out of the way and screaming and shouting to make it impossible for our candidate to be heard, especially if the same candidate has managed to avoid being pushed to the ground.

This thuggery comes from the party that demands "respect" for others and claims to be against anti-social behaviour. And here we have the same party exhibiting some appalling anti-social behaviour itself.

However, my photos have slipped through the fingers of the Labour-one-party-state censors. These are some of them.

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