Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend round up

My list of "Thing To Do" for the weekend included replacing the camcorder. The old one had died on me in Sedgefield and given my addiction to video making, I needed a new one quickly. So that was sorted on early Saturday afternoon and we took it immediately to the Gateshead Summer Flower Show where I did some filming for my next email newsletter for constituents, many of whom seemed to be at the show.

Back home, and the next job was to revise the village focus and recycling survey I wrote on Friday evening. After removing the glaringly obvious typos, I took both files down to our office and had a merry hour running the risograph and the folding machine before heading back to the house to have a go at editing some of my new videos. I was also able to rescue the video I shot of Charles Kennedy's visit to Sedgefield (it took place shortly before the camera died).

Sunday started with the delivery of the focus and survey, followed by a meeting in Newcastle with Fiona Hall MEP. It took me twice as long to collect survey replies in the evening. It was simply a case of lots of people wanting to talk to me, including the people who run a local care home who wanted to show me around the garden they are creating for people with disabilities. I got 90 replies to the survey. The rest of the ward will be surveyed over the rest of the summer.

That meant I started work on the next Focus a bit later than I expected. For that ward, we need 4 different editions for the different villages.

So I got to bed at 1am! I'm now at Newcastle Central Station waiting for what is now a late train to London.

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