Friday, July 13, 2007

Camden and Sedgefield - Labour's losing link

Great to see Camden keeping up the winning streak by stuffing Labour out of sight and grabbing another of their council seats in the by-election yesterday. Now I can bring you (another Wallace exclusive!) news of a Labour link between Camden and Sedgefield.

Readers will no doubt be aware of the Battle of Trimdon video I shot last week of Labour thugs and hooligans trying to break up the press launch of Greg Stone's campaign for Sedgefield (go on watch it again!: In the video I caught one guy dressed in a fake Newcastle shirt who suddenly became camera shy when I appeared next to him with camcorder in hand.

Well, I can now exclusively reveal that he was Ciaran Ward, chair of Labour Students, from, errrrrm....Camden! (Thanks to the person who posted up the comment revealing who he was.) Check him out on the video. He's the one who looks like a younger version of Mr Bean. And if you can't identify him from that description, just look out for the one that looks a complete drip!

I was wondering whether his exile from Camden was anything to do with a Labour Party fear that this guy was a liability rather than an asset in the council by-election. If the former, then sending him up to Sedgefield was a great move. He has brought us, and over 1000 people who have viewed the video, bucketloads of entertainment. Has Ciaran ever thought of a career as a comedy stand in?

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