Wednesday, August 08, 2007

56 people now on the Facebook group

I jokingly said to colleagues today that I will go onto Facebook when the 100th person joins the Get Jonathan Wallace onto Facebook group. I understand it now stands at 56. I discovered this whilst looking over the shoulder of my colleague George Crozier as he joined the group. I also noticed that a certain Dave Hennigan has been posting up my not so serious emails about forthcoming videos I am working on! However, there needs to be another 44 people joining the group before I go on.

I spent this evening alternating between writing focus leaflets and phoning constituents. It is sometimes the case that people phone up and leave a message asking me to call but forget to leave a name and number. One such lady phoned yesterday. David was able to get the number by dialing 1471, so I did a search on this on the database and came up with a name. But when I phoned, I found the name was completely different. Turns out I had the name of a near neighbour. I don't know quite how I had managed to have the number against the wrong name. And it took a few moment for us each to work out who the other was. She thought initially I was the window cleaner!

It's Dad's birthday today. 77 years old. I decided to give him a call, having failed in my duty as a son to buy a card. I called him as I left Cowley Street at 8.30 tonight and discovered most of the family, including David, sister Esther and soon to be brother in law Ian were there. Matthew and Jayne had already left. So here I was stuck down in London whilst the family was having a picnic in Dad's garden in the sun in Whickham! The larger than anticipated family gathering meant I was on the phone for as long as it took to walk from Cowley Street to Victoria Station. And it also meant I missed the train by half a minute!

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