Friday, August 03, 2007

They don't do food in Caernarfon

We caught the bus from Penmaenmawr to Caernarfon this morning. I spent most of the journey writing emails to officers back in Gateshead about an application for an office license in Sunniside. It took about an hour to get here.

The first thing that struck us on arrival was that it was much colder than we expected. Since we were in shorts and short sleeve shirts, we were better dressed for a Mediterranean cruise rather than the good old British summer. A trip to a local shop which had a clothes sale was required. 6 pounds for a new jumper. Then off to Caernarfon Castle to photograph every nook and cranny of the building. The aim is to add these to a collection of British castle photos I am building up.

With the castle (and Royal Welch Fusilier Museum) done, all we had to do was get a meal. This turned out to be more challenging than we expected. All the pubs around the castle advertised their culinary delights. Step inside and ask for a menu and at each place get the same answer: "Oh, we don't do food today." And there was a shocking shortage of small cafes. This was amazing for an area that has tourism as one of its main industries.

We did find, eventually, a cafe that was open and serving. However, the tea didn't arrive with the toasted sandwiches, so we had to go in search of a waitress to find out what had happened to it. And then I asked where the toilet was, only to be told they didn't have any but I was welcome to use the public loo on the other side of the square outside (behind the Lloyd George statue). Can't say I was greatly impressed!

Anyway, I'm now on the bus waiting to leave Caernarfon.

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