Friday, August 17, 2007

Rubber wheels on my train - I must be heading home

The more I think about the Redwood plan for rail, the more I think the Tories must be mad for ever letting this man anywhere near policy making. There used to be a time, admittedly probably well over 15 years ago, when the Conservatives at least had some media sense. Other parties were the victims of what used to be a well oiled Tory machine that would jump on any small gaffe such as rubber wheels for trains. But times have changed. The Tories, having completely flipped from the position they used to occupy, are now the mad, uncosted, lunatic fringe of politics, espousing cranky issues and coming up with incredibly minor but ridiculous solutions to sort out the major problems of the world. Which leads me on to Redwood's proposal for rubber wheels for trains, which, it is claimed, allows trains to stop quicker, and hence, so the Tory logic claims, you get more trains through each station. The people who know what they are talking about clearly have their doubts about this save-the-world-easily scheme.

Meanwhile, here I am sitting on a GNER train to Newcastle contemplating life under a Tory government in which the infamous John From-the-planet-Vulcan Redwood is a member of the Cabinet. Shortly I shall wake up from this nightmare.

One final question which has nothing to do with the Tories, why is the phone reception on the first few km out of Kings Cross so poor? I was in the middle of a phone conversation with Fiona Hall, our regional Euro MP, organising a bit of campaigning in my ward for tomorrow morning, but half the message was lost. She is coming to my house at 9am tomorrow. The rest of the message about what we are doing is whizzing about the ether somewhere.

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Unknown said...

Because the first few km are either tunnels or in deep cuttings until you get out past Finsbury Park and Hornsey depot