Monday, August 13, 2007

Cowley Street scoffs the lot!

The plums I brought into HQ today from the allotment in Sunniside were gone within about an hour of being put in the kitchen. (Don't forget this is national allotment week!) The jam seems to be going more slowly. I brought in 2 jars of rhubard and ginger after kind hearted colleagues complained about the absence of jam for morning toast! I give it until Wednesday before it's all been eaten.

Tonight will be spent sorting through the replies we have had to our resident's survey on recycling in Gateshead. So far we have about 200 replies from about 1000 delivered. They are all bundled up in a parcel going with me to the flat.

Got a nice thank you call this evening from a constituent I have done some casework for recently.

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Will said...

Thank you, Jonathan - I have enjoyed the rhubarb and ginger very much.