Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jam today

A large part of our allotment is yet to be developed. At the moment it is covered in brambles which are however producing a good crop of blackberries. On Saturday, David wanted a handful to make a pudding so I went down to the allotment to pick some. I came back with a carrier bag full, far more than he needed. So yesterday I made blackberry jam. That means my work colleagues will be kept happy! They have come to expect home made jam every week in Cowley St. So in my expensive executive style reused carrier bag is a jar of blackberry jam and one of rhubarb and ginger I made earlier this year. I'm at Newcastle Central Station at the moment waiting for a train to London. But the jars will be in the Cowley St fridge this afternoon. Colleagues who read this blog will therefore have an unfair advantage over those who don't! I expect the jam to be gone by Wednesday!

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