Friday, August 17, 2007

Rubber wheels - making the trains run on time

I couldn't resist the temptation to make a reference to rubber wheels on trains. This is the great plan by John Redwood to get the trains running on time and to slot more trains onto the network. Described as "technically illiterate" by the "Railway Gazette" (free anorak with this week's edition!), I can just imagine a GNER train on the now to be reprivatised Network Rail slamming on the brakes on the approach to Newcastle Central Station. Imagine the burning rubber! Imagine the skid marks! Imagine the train delays caused by hot rails melting the wheels! Wrong kind of sun on the tracks! (oh and don't forget Redwood in March this year was welcoming global warming as it would make UK tourism more popular).

I was going to say that John Redwood must be off the planet if he thinks we should take his rubbish seriously. Off the planet? Well, perhaps he's just reminding us of his Vulcan traditions (and his Vulcanised rubber train wheels).

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