Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bound for Wales

I'm off to north Wales to do some photography around one of my old stopping grounds. I'll be staying in a village called Penmaenmawr which is where I used to stay in the days over a decade ago when I worked as the organiser for Conwy constituency. So I have just lugged the cameras across rush hour London to Euston station, having called in at a camera shop to buy camcorder tapes. Unfortunately, I have just realised my small, back up video camera has been left behind, though not sure where. I don't think it's in the house at Sunniside so it will either be in the office or the flat. I have the new camera with me so it shouldn't be a problem.

Okay, so now for something completely different. I am getting a number of amusing messages from friends about our allotment. So here is the latest exclusive allotment news, just received by email from David. The main news tonight is that something is eating the leaves on the gooseberry bushes. Detailed analysis of this shocking situation reveals we have no idea what the culprit is. Other allotment headlines: slug pellets have been used for the first time. And finally, weeding of existing flower beds has been carried out today by David. More shocking allotment revelations to follow, once we have some!

Best wake me up when we get to Crewe!

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Yeah we remember you Mr Wallace