Monday, August 13, 2007

Cracking open the champagne

We did this last night - having brewed up 13 bottles of elderflower champagne earlier this year, Sunday was the first time we tried it. We were very happy with the results!

When I got to Newcastle on Friday evening (the train did eventually get me home an hour and a half late) David picked me up as usual. And as we were leaving the station, a moron bumped his car into the back of ours. I got out to check for damaged only to be shouted at by this scumbag to "Get out the way." He then sped off along the road. Fortunately there was no damaged but hopefully this macho little boy racer will meet with, well, shall we just say, an event that stops him repeating his arsehole style of driving.

I spent Saturday carrying out our survey on recycling with my constituents. 250 delivered in the morning and about 50 replies collected in the evening.

Sunday I split between picking plums on the allotment, visiting constituents and doing a piece of work about my email focus for the powers that be in the party. We have too many plums to eat ourselves so I am taking them to Cowley St. And it is to there that I am heading now. I'm on the train heading to London now, having just left Newcastle.

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