Friday, August 10, 2007

Fire at Stevenage, stuck at Kings Cross

Fantastic. An open ticket. It meant I could get a train at a more civilised time. So I headed to Kings Cross to get the 8pm train to Newcastle tonight. I am on the train now. But we are still at KX and it is 8.35pm. No sign of any movement. The problem is there is a fire on a train at Stevenage and all the power lines have been switched off. The GNER train guard has been at pains to point out that the fire is on a Hull train, not a GNER.

Ironically, the first we knew of the delay was when I was shortly after I got on the train and was on the phone to Gateshead making arrangements for the delivery of a Focus and survey which is due to got through doors this weekend. I wrote them before leaving the office this evening. Not sure I'm going to get home to get deliveries sorted.

So whilst I waited for the announcement from the guard to tell us he had no news, I viewed the video I shot in north Wales last week. That filled 20 minutes. Now I shall read the book I brought with me, Anna Funder's 'Stasiland'. And when I'm through that, I'll get to work on some of the correspondence in my briefcase.

But I really could do with getting home tonight.

PS the train guard has just announced again that he has no news.
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