Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Squirrels at my courgettes!

Red squirrels are a rare site nowadays. I remember seeing some on the old Watergate pit site near the village of Sunniside where I live many years ago, before the site was reclaimed as a park. And in the Derwent Valley, efforts have been made to conserve them.

But at my home in London, we are plagued with the grey variety. There are some very large and mature trees in the back garden where these rats with fluffy tails live. This morning I stepped out of the front door to find they have made a feast of the courgettes we were growing.

Whilst I will do everything in my power to support the endangered red variety, I do wish the greedy grey variety would at least leave my vegetable patch in peace!

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Jo Christie-Smith said...

You have solved a great mystery for a friend of mine who lives in Forest Hill...she lost all her courgettes. she went up her garden to look at them and found great chinks taken out of them...now I can tell her it was the squirrels!