Friday, August 10, 2007

Star of New Statesman

It just doesn't get better than this! I am in the New Statesman. No, not the 1990s comedy about Tory MP Alan B'Stard. (Isn't it time they brought him back as a New Labour MP in a new tv series?)

No, I'm on the New Statesman website in an article about Facebook and blogging. They have spotted my comments about going onto Facebook only when 100 people have signed up to the Get-Jonathan-Wallace-on-Facebook Group. I blame my colleague George Crozier for revealing to the world the target of 100.

Apparently there are now 62 on the site, down one. Someone must have had a change of mind!

Meanwhile, I'm off to lick my wounds after a rotten day on the stock market....Alan B'Stard would never have tolerated this!

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