Friday, August 24, 2007

Labour MP sponsors motion praising herself

I stumbled across this whilst looking for something else but I feel I must share it! This line is from Commons Early Day Motion 1386 which attacks the customer complaints procedure of EasyJet.

The motion includes the gem "welcomes efforts by the hon. Member for Gateshead East and Washington West to ensure that the rights of online consumers are incorporated in the Consumer, Estate Agents and Redress Bill."

And who is the primary sponsor of this motion? A certain Sharon Hodgson, Labour MP for, errr, Gateshead East and Washington West.

Ms Hodgson may not have much longer to write self congratulatory motions and engage is self-backslapping. She has been dumped by Labour after only 2 years in the job as candidate in Gateshead at the general election. She was beaten by Dave Clelland, who must be around 20-25 years her senior.

Rumour has it she is hoping to parachute into a Sunderland constituency, possibly jumping from an EasyJet plane!

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