Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Get Jonathan Wallace on Facebook group and other things as well

I see a new group has been set up on Facebook: the Get Jonathan Wallace on Facebook group! (Creator David Hennigan of Team Sedgefield fame) Seems as though there is a burning desire amongst some for me to spread my wit and wisdom to this social networking site. As it is, I have been asked 4 times in the past week if I am going on Facebook. Now there is a group of 20 people awaiting my arrival. I will inevitably not resist the pressure to get on board.

Talking of resisting pressure, I do wish some with a discontented, rent a quote disposition would resist the pressure to pose as the voice of the party by putting in the boot on Ming in the media. If a journalist phones you up, just say NO! I suggest some conference training for some on how to avoid self-indulgence and needless oppositionism. An additional module on how not to deflect attention from Tory Troubles would be especially useful for some.

I took my mind off the damage caused by needless attacks on the party leader tonight by doing what I like most - writing Focus leaflets. I suggest some members may wish to join me in this activity - ie, attacking our opponents, rather than attacking ourselves.

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jonthanfryer said...

Being on Facebook is like swimming -- you don't realise how enjoyable it can be until you do it!

Nikki Thomson said...

There are 53 of us awaiting your arrival now...

p.dunphy said...

Yes get on with it son - you cannot stand in the way of the inevitable