Thursday, September 12, 2019

Another Labour vote collapse

Just in, a council by-election result and yet another Labour vote collapse (and Lib Dem gain!):

Middleton Cheney (South Northamptonshire) result:
LDEM: 44.3% (+10.2)
CON: 39.8% (-2.3)
GRN: 10.3% (+6.2)
LAB: 5.7% (-14.1)
Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative.

Labour could explain the result by suggesting they were squeezed in what is a marginal ward. Had this been a three way battle, the argument could stand up to challenge. However, in this instance, it was a 4 way battle. And the party that came 4th last time (the Greens) had a modest increase in vote share and leapfrogged into third place ahead of Labour. They weren't squeezed, unlike Labour.

This result is not a one off. Council by-election results are regularly showing a Labour collapse. And opinion poll results, when compared to 2017, are dire.

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