Sunday, September 29, 2019

Emerging favourites

If a vote of confidence in Boris Johnson is to be held, there needs to be a credible candidate for PM who can unite the bulk of the opposition. Since Jeremy Corbyn can't even unite his own party, he should be ruled out as a serious proposition. Previous names proposed include Hilary Benn and Harriet Harman from Labour and Ken Clarke from the Conservatives. It seems Harriet Harman is now ruled out as I understand she is in the running to be Speaker. Now, a new name is in the fray who could potentially do the job and unite the different forces: Margaret Beckett. She has been prepared to take on the extremists in both Labour and the Conservatives recently. She certainly could be the one to be an interim PM.

Clearly, negotiations are underway and what is leaking out via the national media is interesting. But we wait to see what happens this week. It could be another rollercoaster ride.

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