Thursday, September 05, 2019

In praise of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act

We had a debate in Gateshead Council last year about the need for a referendum on any Brexit deal. This was at the time when Labour opposed a referendum but supported a "public vote". We were told by Labour during the debate that a public vote was NOT a referendum but refused to say what it was. But one of the most interesting contributions from Labour during the debate was the claim that the Fixed Term Parliament Act was "working class" legislation. This is such utter nonsense that I almost laughed when the comment was made. Stopping Conservative Prime Ministers from choosing the date of general elections to suit themselves and their political party is, instead, a positive. And we have seen the results of that over the past 24 hours. Parliament's decision not to back Johnson's call for an election means we are less likely to have a No Deal Brexit (though the possibility of dropping out of the EU is still very high). As No Deal is most likely to hit those on lower incomes the hardest, Labour's absurb class war rhetoric in Gateshead leaves them with egg on their faces.

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