Monday, May 08, 2017

At last, a Conservative candidate is announced

News from the Blaydon campaign - the Conservatives have a candidate! He's called Tom Smith and he's local - to Camden (450 km down the road from Blaydon). I'm thinking of sending him a welcome pack and a map along with the "How to Survive Up North" manual. Tom was candidate in neighbouring Gateshead constituency in 2015. I'm not sure whether Tom's attraction to the borough of Gateshead is as a result of genuine interest or is based on his name being drawn out of a hat in a room in Tory Central Office where the candidates for no hope seats (for the Tories) are given their Mission Impossible instructions.

So Tom, welcome to Blaydon. We're a friendly lot up here. We don't bite and if you need it, I can provide a translator for you to understand our local Geordie language!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, how to ensure that you absolutely have no chance at all of gaining the seat. Muppets.