Sunday, May 28, 2017

RIP David Wallace

Bowes Agricultural Show Sept 16 (90)

For some weeks now, my Dad, David, had been in St Bede's Hospice at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. We were resigned to losing him. He was 86 years old and for 85 year he had been in fine health. The past year had seen a significant decline in his health. The hospice called me at 6.30am on Saturday morning to tell me Dad had passed away.

He taught me jam-making and self-reliance. He sparked my interest in self-sufficiency. He will be greatly missed.

The photo above was taken at the Bowes Agricultural Show last September. For some years, Dad had come with us to the show. My endearing memory was that he would always fill our land rover with more food that we could eat in a fortnight!

Timings this year have not been good. Losing Dad in the middle of an election campaign was hardly what any of us would want. Nevertheless, I took the decision to continue campaigning.


Anonymous said...

God bless him. He must have been so proud of you. The way you live is inspiring. He taught you jam-making and you taught me and countless others, far and wide (my being here in Canada). Keep strong with your campaign and think of how pleased he would be.

Lisabela Zxywhiddm Marschild said...

Dear Jonathan
Condolences on your bereavement.
I've only just read this so its a little late. I would have written this earlier if I had noticed at the time.

Best Wishes