Monday, May 29, 2017

Election campaign day 40 - delivering in Whickham

Postal vote leaflet May 17-page-0

After the Whickham street stall I headed to The Cedars area in my ward to deliver some spare leaflets leftover from what we delivered last weekend. It was better to have them through people's doors rather than in the recycling box. I spotted that the Conservatives had delivered a leaflet ahead of me. I still haven't had a copy through my door in Sunniside. I suspect the Conservatives have not printed many of these leaflets and have targeted those they are able to deliver onto limited areas where they think there may be a Tory vote. The area I was delivering however is one of the strongest Lib Dem polling districts on the planet with Lib Dem support, at least in local elections, typically well over 65% (we once measured it at 94% but that was in a by-election in which there was no Conservative candidate!)

Sadly, I wasn't able to get a copy. I knocked on a few doors of constituents to see if they could pass on a copy but everyone had destroyed the Conservative leaflet. I can only guess at its contents. I've come across no other evidence for any Conservative literature. We are still to receive their freepost.

Postal vote leaflet May 17-page-1

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