Saturday, May 13, 2017

Election Campaign Day 26: Ryton street stall

Ryton street stall May 17 (2)

We were in Ryton this morning, with a street stall on Main Road, outside the Coop. Lots of useful conversations were held with voters. Our most recent leaflet has just gone out in the ward and I was recognised by various people from it. My first conversation was with a UKIP voter who said that he was voting for me as he wants a good local MP and is fed up with Labour taking the area for granted. Then I had a chat to an elderly lady who decades ago was the secretary of the local Conservatives but has been voting Lib Dem for some years. I also had a useful chat with a young couple who have recently moved to Ryton and are normally Labour leaning but are voting for me because of Europe. The final discussion was with a Labour member but his views on his party are best not published!

It was great to see Ione and Noel Rippeth helping the campaign this morning. Both retired as Councillors in Gateshead in recent years but they were keen to give a hand.

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