Thursday, May 11, 2017

Election campaign day 23: called to the Hospice

Wednesday's big job was to get the freepost leaflet into the hands of the printer (or rather into his inbox). The Royal Mail had already approved it and it was just a case of making the file into something that the printer can use. It was a job meant for the evening. Matters did not go to plan. I was called at 5.30pm by St Bede's Hospice where my Dad is. I was warned that it would be better for me to come to the hospice straight away. My younger brother Matthew was already there when David and I arrived a half hour later. We were quickly joined by Andrew, my elder brother, and by my sister Esther. We were there for three hours during which time Dad stabilised. David and I returned home at 9.30pm so that our livestock could be put away, the baby goat could be bottle fed, a meal could be consumed and the freepost file sorted. At 11.30pm I went back to St Bede's. Andrew was just leaving, Matthew and Esther had already gone home.

Dad was settled and sleeping so I sat in the seat next to his bed and fell asleep for an hour. When I woke, I was able to have a quick word with him. Despite his extreme frailty and his great difficulty in speaking, he thanked me for coming. I returned home.

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