Monday, May 08, 2017

Election campaign day 21: I am officially nominated

That rather irritating legal necessity to stand for election - my nomination paper - was handed in to Gateshead Council today. Alas, it was accepted. So, into battle I go. I'm really looking forward to being verbally beaten up by the good people of Blaydon. I'm especially excited about the long days and sleep deprivation. I have budgeted for at least one new pair of shoes during the election (I'm splashing out - £10 at Primark for a pair of casual shoes). My natty old suit has been dusted down and checked for embarrassing stains, ripped lining and shiny elbows. It's 9 years old but there's still life in the old thing yet. I've had it long enough for it to have been fashionable at least twice. My tie collection has been thoroughly checked for dinner stains, spilt beer and wrong party colours.

So the battle for Blaydon shifts up a gear.

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Anonymous said...

Be proud that you still fit into an old suit. One of the benefits of eating naturally and keeping busy in the garden.