Monday, May 29, 2017

Election campaign day 40 - the Whickham street stall

Whickham street stall May 17

After visiting the Sunniside Methodist Fair, I headed down to Whickham for our monthly surgery and our street stall in St Mary's Green. Some very positive responses and an embarrassingly large number of my council constituents who told me they are voting for me. It didn't all go my way. One lady had a go at us about Tim Farron and our policy of letting people vote on the Brexit deal and then took a swipe at the community orchard I helped to plant earlier this year in Sunniside. "You won't get any apples because the kids will eat them," she told me! To which I replied "Excellent. That's exactly what we want to happen!" (For the record, the cost of the orchard was £200 for 100 trees, all of which were planted for nothing by volunteers from the Prince's Trust.)

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