Thursday, May 04, 2017

New kids on the block

New goat babies Apr 17 1

When I got back from delivering our Focus newsletter in Marley Hill on Sunday, I checked on my animals. I had one remaining pregnant goat, Spot, but when I got to the allotment, she was pregnant no more. She had given birth to two little billies. One was in good health but the other was very weak. I took the decision to take his home to nurse him. He would almost certainly have died if left with Spot. However, doing this has meant I have to be the kid's surrogate mother! He is being bottle fed every four hours, including at 4am. It's not the best of timings in the middle of a general election campaign, but needs must.

The billy kid is still weak on his legs but he is doing reasonably well. He is putting on weight and his coat is in good condition - good signs for a recovery - but he is not out of the woods yet.

New goat babies Apr 17 3

New goat babies Apr 17 4

In the meantime, the Whinnies Community Garden, where the goats live, have invited residents to come up with names for the 2 kids. Given the danger of being named Goaty McGoatface, the final decision will be left to me this weekend. Suggestions so far included Lib and Dem. Corbyn and Abbott have also been suggested but that could give them a complex!

Any suggestions can be posted in comments.

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