Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A "carrot picker"

PCC interview BBC Radio Newcastle July 19 (1)

This morning, Radio Newcastle hosted a debate between the four PCC by-election candidates. It was a relatively friendly encounter though the Independent candidate, Georgina Hills, attacked me a "carrot picker" (I grow my own food but have never successfully grown carrots!). The key points I made were:

  • I am the most experienced candidate with 32 years in local government and a history of working in the private, public and voluntary sector.
  • A vote for me is a vote to end the wasteful, failed experiment of PCCs.
  • The cost of £2.5 million for the by-election is a scandalous waste.
  • As PCC I will reach out to communities.
  • We need to be more joined up with local government and health, rather than being in a silo.
PCC interview BBC Radio Newcastle July 19 (3)

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