Sunday, July 21, 2019

Labour votes to expel former chief whip

The mess of their own making in the Labour Party  has just got even messier. While the party of Corbyn and his comrades turns a blind eye to anti-semitism in their own ranks, anyone who is critical of The Great Leader is purged (and you are also sent to the Gulag if you admit to voting Lib Dem). The latest incident of Corbynite lunacy comes with the decision by the former constituency party of Hilary Armstrong (Durham North West and therefore in the neighbourhood of my constituency of Blaydon) to expel her for speaking out against JC. Her heinous crime was to put her name to an advert in the Guardian, signed by other distinguished Labour figures as well, pointing out the indisputable fact that Corbyn has failed the test of leadership.

The constituency party has no power to expel her (the Chief Purger is the Labour General Secretary) so the move is in reality a gesture by the Corbyn fanatics. So, with a snap general election likely, the Tories in a mess over Brexit and the new Tory Leader likely to alienate a significant section of his own party, Labour choose to waste their time fighting themselves rather than kicking the ball at a goal which currently has no goalkeeper.

Well done Labour. You can always be counted on to do the wrong thing!

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