Monday, July 22, 2019

Congratulations Jo

I missed the live announcement of the Lib Dem leadership vote this afternoon as I was at that point in time sawing a horn stub off a billy goat. As far as excuses go, that is probably unbeatable! So congratulations to Jo Swinson. We now have our first female and our youngest leader. The challenge for Jo is to take us forward as a party and build on the political capital created under Vince's leadership, especially in the past few months. I have every faith in Jo. I am sure she will achieve a great advance for the Lib Dems.

Commiserations to Ed Davey. I voted for Ed. I've known him for many years and we used to work together on many political issues when I was employed by the Lib Dems. I know he will continue to make a great contribution to the success of the party.

And finally, thank you Vince. You took on the leadership at a time when we were deep in the doldrums. You have left us in a vastly improved state.

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