Sunday, July 21, 2019

Streetgate housing plans

Streetgate housing exhibition July 19 (1)

On Wednesday housing developer Lok held a consultation event at Sunniside Club about their plans for 24 houses on land to the north of Gateshead Road in Streetgate. The site was formerly greenbelt but we lost the battle to save it from housing when Labour passed the revised Local Plan in 2014.

The plan for 24 houses is the start of the development of this site which is currently divided between four different ownerships. The first plot will include the 24 houses. As the subsequent 3 plots become available, new housing will be built in phases. About 48 houses will be the overall total on the site.

Access will be opposite Sorella Sorella on a bend in Gateshead Road. This is what I have a bit of trouble with. I need to be convinced this new junction is not an accident waiting to happen. I made this point to the developers who believe it will be safe when I met them on Wednesday. I will visit the precise location shortly to see it for myself.

Streetgate housing exhibition July 19 (2)

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