Friday, February 21, 2020

Delivering Focus

Whickham East Focus Feb 20

I was in Whickham this morning to deliver 370 Focuses. I managed to beat the rain but I had to cling to the newsletters in the gale that was blowing. 2 hours later and the job was done.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Low Fell eFocus 50 and 51

This is a bit of catch up as I am somewhat behind with updating the blog. Lots happening especially on the smallholding. Low Fell Lib Dem Focus team produced two eFocuses during January. Edition 50 covers:
  • Improving Low Fell's car parks - views wanted
  • Dealing with litter 
  • Council Tax expected to rise
  • Cllr Craig receives honour
  • Fallen panels on Station Road
You can view Low Fell eFocus no. 50 on this link.

Edition 51 covers:
  • Recycling trial to continue
  • Bishop of Durham renames Low Fell school
  • Council rejects school crossing
  • Lowrey's Lane car park resurfaced
  • Outrage over plans to rip up £700,000 car park that was built 2 years ago 
  • Fallen branches removed
  • A new NHS App has been launched
  • Labour Councillors force through Bus Tax 
  • Success! Plans for more woodland in Gateshead are passed