Thursday, June 25, 2020

Gateshead Cabinet's first online meeting

Gateshead cabinet online June 20

I have argued previously for some at least of Gateshead's meetings should be held online so during this lockdown crisis, I'm pleased to see that the council have indeed held meetings online. Yesterday was the first cabinet meeting to be conducted this way. I hope that this new way of meeting continues after the lockdown is gone. Before the pandemic, it was not unusual to spend more time travelling to and from a meeting than in the meeting itself. By meeting online instead of travelling, think of the reduced pollution and congestion and the improvements to people's health by having less traffic on the road (we've seen that during the lockdown). And think of the greater reach online meetings have for the people of Gateshead. That means improved democracy. So, let's hope, as an example to others, Gateshead continues to have not only online meetings for the politicians, but also the right for staff to work from home where it is appropriate to do so.

Recent eFocuses

We have published a number of eFocuses in the last couple of weeks in Gateshead. You can view them on the links below:

These editions continue to focus mainly on the impact of the pandemic lockdown on local services. Next editions are currently being written.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Planting up Church Green

Planting Up Whickham Church Green  June 20 (11)

I am one of the volunteers with Planting Up Whickham and today we had a planting day on Church Green. All the circular beds were replanted. Social distancing rules applied at all times. The Green, as usual, is looking great!

Planting Up Whickham Church Green  June 20 (10)

Planting Up Whickham Church Green  June 20 (9)

Planting Up Whickham Church Green  June 20 (8)

Planting Up Whickham Church Green  June 20 (7)

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The passing of a hero

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things are the heroes of our country. As a social historian, I've studied and researched life during the Second World War. It was vital for success that the morale of the nation that spirits were kept up. Dame Vera Lynn played a significant role in doing that. Her passing this week sees the sad departure of one of my heroes. RIP Vera.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Wise advice

Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health in Gateshead, has urged residents to maintain social distancing despite the relaxation of some of the lockdown restrictions.