Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blaydon candidates' hustings meeting

The hustings meeting for the 3 main party candidates in Blaydon was held tonight in Birtley's St Joseph Parish Centre. Neil Bradbury was there for the Lib Dems, Dave Anderson for Labour and Glenn Hall for the Conservatives.

And here are a few photos. When I sorted through them, some looked like the three were entering a singing competition!

Blaydon hustings Apr 10 1

The three candidates on stage waiting for the music to start.

Blaydon hustings Apr 10 Neil Bradbury 2

Neil Bradbury, Liberal Democrat

Blaydon hustings Apr 10 Dave Anderson 6

David Anderson, Labour

Blaydon hustings Apr 10 Glenn Hall 3

Glenn Hall, Conservative

Glenn Hall said to me at the end that he remembered being canvassed by me 23 years ago, when I was first elected to the Council. I must have made an impression! Whether it was favourable or not is up to Glenn to say!


kevin scott said...

Mmmm, no BNP candidate I see.

Did he not turn up or was he not invited?

Sandy Waddle said...

The racist and Holocaust denier, Keith McFarlane, isn't fit for public consumption.

Is this half-wit really the best the bnp can come up with in Blaydon, Kevin?

kevin scott said...

Again, very touchy, Paul!

Are things not going well for your policeand council-funded anti-BNP campaign then?

Anonymous said...

No they came up with me too for Jarrow Sandy. I take it I am a Racist,Holocaust denier also.Or not. Oooh it really goads you that certain people don't fit your stereotyping of party members,doesn't it?
Have a nice election.
Oh I forgot you don't stand do you?
Too scared to stick your head up too high Sandy.
You should be. It's Nazi's like you who are ruining this country your time will come.

Sandy Waddle said...

Hi Keith
Keen on Marmite?
I love it. Yum yum.

kevin scott said...

Actually Paul, the BNP website is much more interesting and informative now than your (council & police funded) TWAFA website has ever been!! lol

Sandy Waddle said...