Friday, April 16, 2010

I don't believe it!

I wasn't out canvassing today but our Blaydon candidate Neil Bradbury was. He said the feedback was positive. Nevertheless, I have been in politics too long to get euphoric about a surge in the polls. At the end of the campaign it is votes that count and we still have to earn them (as do our opponents). So I am taking with a pinch of salt the YouGov poll that puts us in 2nd place, ahead of Labour and only 3% behind the Conservatives. Indeed, I am finding the poll a bit hard to believe. It takes however more than a first rate performance by a Leader in a debate to do well in an election. A local campaign machine with strong grassroots is needed to deliver victory in winnable constituencies on polling day.

Nevertheless, a surge is welcome, as will be the attacks on us by our opponents who will soon switch from love bombing us to attempting to nuke us instead. What that will show to the voters is that the other two really do see us as a threat.

Mind you, surging too early has its problems. There are nearly three weeks still to go to have to maintain this.
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kevin scott said...

I don't believe it either, Jonathan!

But your leader has caused Cameron headaches and put a spring in the step of Labour in the Tory/Labour marginals!