Monday, April 12, 2010

A view from inside the print room

In the mad, mad world of Tory election claims, the most amusing I have found is that of the Tory from Tunbridge Wells in Kent who is standing in Blaydon. He claims most of our leaflets are printed in London. So, when I was in our office this morning in Whickham, which is in Blaydon constituency, (which is not in London but on Tyneside) I snapped a couple of shots of our group leader Cllr Noel Rippeth, and Ryton Councillor, Ione Rippeth, working on printing and folding leaflets.

Noel and Ione printing Apr 10 2

Noel and Ione printing Apr 10 1

And just to reassure the Tory and Labour readers of this blog, I can assure them there will be plenty more Lib Dem Focuses coming out of this office shortly.

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