Friday, April 09, 2010

More on Labour's early freepost

I blogged yesterday about Labour having to make an early use of the freepost as they no longer have the manpower to deliver an early leaflet themselves in Blaydon. I speculated that Blaydon Labour Party may not be alone. Well, I was right. I was in Newcastle today to give a helping hand and I discovered Labour have done the same there as well. And I was told that Mark Pack has blogged about it happening across the country on Lib Dem Voice. If I wasn't so tied up writing and delivering literature I would read Mark's post myself!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this Labour tactic. Their organisation has been shot to bits over the past few years and volunteer manpower is in acutely short supply for the "socialist comrades".

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Mike Barker said...

Same in Darlington. Vacuous policy-less shiny red leaflet arrived yesterday by Freepost.