Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My first post announcement, pre-election, Focus delivery workout

I am just back from delivering 200 Focuses with 200 flying start leaflets added on for Neil Bradbury in Blaydon constituency. I can forsee lots more of these. Indeed, I woke up at 5am today thinking about leaflet deliveries. I can imagine I will have lots of sleep sessions interrupted by such thoughts in the coming weeks!

I have seen no sign at all of Labour literature being delivered in my ward. We know Labour have been doing some phone canvassing in some parts of Blaydon constituency. We know they have put out a letter in one ward and a leaflet in another, but I have seen little evidence of anything else other than some soft Labour supporters who have been phoned back by David Anderson, the Labour MP here.

Yet in 2007, when the election-that-never-was was about to be not held, Labour managed to get a leaflet out in my ward, and in two of the neighbouring wards which also are Lib Dem held. I know the Labour party self-destructed over the ridiculous content of the leaflets and there were all sorts of rows as a result. But even so, I would have expected something from Labour by now.

Even the Tory from Tunbridge Wells who is standing here has managed to get more leaflets out than Labour (though 5 copies of the same leaflet delivered to my home over a 2 week period seems a bit odd.) Mind you, the Tories have no grassroots here so their leaflets are delivered by a commercial company along with flyers for the local pizza takeaway and taxi company (which is not called Stephen Byers Cab Co!)

So from Labour we are not picking up much on the radar. Below the radar we see little bits happening, but not a great deal. May be they are complacent, or possibly they have no manpower or cash left, or possibly they've done lots that I haven't spotted.

Anyway, I'm off to collect some more leaflets now for delivery tomorrow. Oh joy!

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