Sunday, April 18, 2010

Volcanic Clegg grounds Labservatives

The political tectonic plates are shifting (hopefully) following the performance of Nick Clegg in the Leaders' debate on Thursday. Labour and Conservative campaigns seem grounded as they try to work out how to deal with the Lib Dem lava surge and the political ash cloud that has drifted over them.

I predicted they would switch from love bombing us to nuking us after the debate. And now the Tories, at least, have attempted to do just that. According to them we are going to destroy the defences of the UK by not replacing Trident. This missile system has of course been fantastically useful in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars in which we have been able to nuke the Taliban and other terrorists into submission without needing permission of the Americans to deploy the ultimate weapon.

Watch out for the Tory claims about giving murderers community service orders and tax plans that will result in hard working millionaires being taxed into forced exile in Switzerland (or Belize).

Mind you, having seen the drivel put out by Labour in Newcastle (Lib Dems eat your babies for breakfast; don't leave your home as thugs will burn it down whilst you are out as Lib Dems didn't vote for some bit of legislation 7 years ago are just 2 slightly paraphrased lines of attack they have adopted) it seems clear that the Labour attack on us at least at the local level is well underway.

So, all we need now is for the Labour attack to start nationally. Bring it on!
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