Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cameron needed a knock out blow

Both Cameron and Brown tonight had to up their game and both did. Nick needed to hold his own. He did. But Cameron needed a knock out blow and whilst his performance was more self-confident this week, he did not dish out the knock out blow on either Nick or Brown. And for Cameron that could be a problem. It waits to be seen however what effect the debates will have on voting. Polls are one thing, real votes are another.

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kevin scott said...

Cameron will never deliver a 'knock-out' blow against Nick Clegg!

Quite simply, they fundamentally agree on most of the important issues. OK, there are minor differences over the EU and immigration, which they made a song and dance about last night, but they both want to stay within the EU and both think immigration a 'good thing' adding to our cuisine and lowering our (but not their) wages!!

To be honest, Clegg would feel right at home in the modern Tory party under Cameron (as would you, Jonathan!)

No, the big argument now is about who manages to become the candidate of Obama-style 'change' (and only from Gordon Brown and Labour!)in the voting public's eyes.

Of course, the whole thing is an illusion, and will ultimately be driven by the media one way or the other, since neither represents 'change' in the real sense.

At the moment, I would say Clegg has a slight advantage over Cameron, which must be quite galling for the latter, particularly when you consider the many advantages he has in terms of money, prestige (as leader of the Opposition) and media clout.

Of course, the end result, if this stays the same, is the blunting of the Tory challenge in the crucial Labour/Tory marginals and a few extra seats for the Lib Dems.

However, I'm warming to the idea of a 'hung' parliament, it must be said, and a good showing for the smaller parties will assist in that process.

Happy St George's Day!