Saturday, April 17, 2010

The sun shines on Lib Dems

The sun was certainly shining today, and I'm not referring to the opinion polls (which I take with a pinch of salt). It has been gloriously sunny all day in Blaydon constituency. Useful for when we are out canvassing and delivering.

My day started when I delivered a pile of letters that appeared on my desk last night. To my candidate Neil, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, or the bottom of something, for this extra exercise you inflicted on me! Back home after the delivery to get some lunch. I also made a trip over to the allotment. I have a fantastic excuse for getting David to do all the hard, manual graft on our self-sufficiency project at the moment: elections in the spring digging and planting season, oh what a wonderful idea. Anyway, we quickly shot some video on the allotment for my monthly self-sufficiency update.

Back home to shower and change into the suit. Then off to canvass with Neil and our Euro MP Fiona Hall. More sunny weather. The outs won by a landslide. There was also a significant number of don't knows. Drill down a bit and they were nearly all life long Labour voters who are deeply unhappy with their own party. Will they turn out for Labour, for us, for someone else or stay at home? This is one of the factors making this election uncertain in Blaydon.

We found no Conservatives voting Conservative. Indeed, we found precious few Conservatives at all, and the ones we did find were either voting for us of staying at home.

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